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I've been keeping a blog for a few years about things I've done and things I think, plus a lot of pictures. I don't update it very often (once a month, or so) but it's very much alive.

If you like the photos but couldn't care less about the words, check out my flickr account, which has photos from vacations, camping trips, couchsurfers, places I've lived, and about 2,000 other things.

Blog screen capture

Air Particle Sensor

Air particulate pollution seems to be a significant problem in Qatar, where I live, but there isn't much data available to quantify it. Following the lead of an engineer at GE named Chris Nafis, I've set up an air particle sensor outside my house and have connected it to Xively, a data monitoring website.

If you don't care about the detailed data and just want a rough idea what the air quality is like right now, check out

Downtown Doha in relatively good air

Flight Time from Doha App

Before I moved to Qatar I wanted to know which destinations were a reasonable distance (nine hour flight time or less) for travel, so I adapted some code by Oliver Beattie to show the information on Google Maps.

Travel map